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Turn Your House Into A Luxury Home On A Budget

courtesy of Karl Kennedy

Your home may not be a glamorous mansion, but you can add a few luxurious touches. It probably isn’t going to be solid gold hardware. Not only is it expensive, but it also does little for the resale value of your home. Instead, you can make a few changes that not only give your home a luxurious flair but may also increase the property value.

Replace Old Fixtures, Doorknobs, and Light Switch Covers

Depending on when your home is built, you may have some doorknobs and other fixtures dating to the 90s or even the 1980s. Take a walk around your home and pay attention to doorknobs, light switch covers, and other fixtures. An upgrade can do wonders for the look and feel of the space.

Home improvement stores have a dizzying array of options. The prices will vary, so keep your budget in mind while shopping. Online sites are another place to look, and don’t forget about over-inventory and rehab shops. The prices are typically lower, and you can even find some vintage pieces to add your unique touch.

Upgrade Your Countertops

When you think of luxury living, stone countertops often come to mind. It’s not an inexpensive investment, but it may be worth the expense.

You may need to decide between updating the kitchen or bathroom countertops. If so, don’t worry it can become a long-term home improvement project.

Natural stone countertops are typically the best option. They are durable, look great, and can add value to your home. Granite is always popular, but you are a little limited in color options. Limestone, marble, and soapstone give the space a sense of luxury and come in several colors.

Install a Smart Home System

You can’t afford a helpful staff, but a smart home system can come close. Using vocal commands or a connected app, you can adjust the thermostat before you walk in the door, control lights, and unlock a door.

Depending on how extensive the home system is, some can control your smart appliances. The system may not cook dinner, but it can preheat the oven.

Home Entertainment

Celebrity homes often come with tennis and basketball courts and most have a mixed media room.

There’s something special about watching movies on the big screen at home, plus the snacks are free. You don’t need a lot of space to create an entertainment area, and you can easily find affordable short-throw projectors capable of casting 100” images. You can feel like you are living like the stars while watching them in your home theater.

Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space. It can make it look and feel new. Painting the walls and ceilings is also an inexpensive DIY project you can tackle on the weekend. Remember, you don’t have to paint every room over the weekend. Part of living in luxury is taking some time for yourself. Spend one weekend day painting and the other relaxing in your newly painted space.

Trying to decide which room to paint first is a personal decision. Some homeowners start in the master bedroom. There’s nothing like spending a lazy Sunday in bed admiring your walls. Others start painting in a frequently used space like the kitchen or family room.

Talk to a Real Estate for More Ideas

A real estate agent can help you create a luxurious living space on a budget. They follow all of the trends and can give you tips that increase the home’s comfort and overall value. Talk to a realtor today to learn more.

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